Raman Tool Set: a free software for Raman spectroscopy analysis

Raman Tool Set is developed as a user-friendly graphical interface for Raman spectroscopy analysis.

Raman Tool Set is available at the following link:

Raman Tool Set offers at the moment the following functions for processing:
  • scaling spectra
  • offset spectra
  • cut spectra
  • averaging spectra
  • smoothing spectra
  • normalizations of spectra
  • background subtraction from spectra
  • polynomial subtraction from spectra
The following chemometric tools have been implemented for spectra analysis:
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Clustering analysis of spectra (Fuzzy-C-mean, K-means
  • Extended Multiplicative Signal Correction (EMSC) analysis
The following mapping tools have been implemented:
  • Producing single spectra files from Renishaw, Witec, Horiba mapping files (.txt)
  • Mapping the single spectra so imported from Renishaw, Witec or Horiba files
  • PCA mapping: PCA is performed over mapping spectra and PCA-Scores are mapped
  • ICA mappingICA is performed over mapping spectra and ICA-coefficients are mapped
  • Clusters mapping: Clustering analysis is performed over mapping spectra and Clusters are mapped
If you use any function of Raman Tool Set software, please cite the following paper:
Patrizio Candeloro et al., Analyst 138, 7331-7340 (2013)