Research Area

The scientific activity covers different fields. Special efforts are being made to early detection of tumors or other diseases, by examining specific markers (peptides and proteins by low molecular weight) dispersed in the serum and blood, but also from cell samples.
In our labs, novel nanotechnology based platforms are being developed. These devices incorporate different mechanisms that are (i) super-hydrophobicity, (ii) SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering), and (iii) harvesting abilities of nanoporous silicon (NPSi) films; in a fashion that is extremely efficient. The combination of these mechanisms would represent a boost towards the detection and the analysis of few (or single) molecules. The major novelty, here, is thus the simultaneous use of wetting mechanisms (thus superhydrophobic surfaces) and sensitive materials such as plasmonic devices and and nanoporous materials.
Other important activities are the development of microfluidic devices and interfacing set-ups.  These allow to implement new protocols, procedures, treatments and analysis of biological samples, having different advantages over conventianl technologies (e.g, reduced time, low reagent consumption, higher resolutions).
Plasmonic Nanodevices
Plasmonic nanostructures are developed for achieving high enhanced Raman signals in a very narrow area, beyond the diffraction limit of light.    >>>

Bio-Inspired Nano Technologies for the Early Detection of Cancer
In this research line, we pursue the integration of super-hydrophobic surfaces (SHSs) with nano geometrical bio-sensors for the analysis of very diluted molecules of medical interest.    >>>

Cell Rolling in Microfluidic Devices
Microfluidic devices are developed for cell rolling studies. In particular cel rolling is used to isolate tumor cells or investigate tumor cell phenotype modifications.    >>>

Microfluidics & Optical Nanodevices
Microfluidic devices can ensure accurate single cell handling by simple microfluidic control with minimal consumption of reagents and label-free analsysis.     >>>

Raman Spectroscopy on Biological samples
Raman spectroscopy is a well established technique for studying a wide range of materials at a molecular level.    >>>

Raman Tool Set: a free software for Raman spectroscopy analysis
Raman Tool Set is a free software for processing and analysis in Raman spectroscopy, developed at BioNEM Laboratory.    >>>