European STREP project

DIPNA – Development of an Integrated Platform for Nanoparticle Analysis to verify their possible toxicity and eco-toxicity

DIPNA project has been devoted to cytotoxic effects of NanoParticles (NPs) of different materials, mainly metallic and metal-oxdide ones. The role of BioNEM laboratory has been the development of methodologies and techniques to investigate the few-NPs/single cells interactions. During the project, cells microinjection protocols, by means of micromanipulator and microinjector equipments, for the delivey of few NPs to cells have been optimized. After a short incubation time, NPs effects on cells have been investigated through Raman micro-spectroscopy at the single cell level. Experimental results have highlighted that even in the case of few NPs (in the range of 10 to 50 NPs) per cell, biological mechanisms are initiated by the cells to counteract an emerging oxidative stress (reduced and oxidized ratios of glutathione).