Candeloro Patrizio

Position: Associate Professor

Telephone: +39 0961 3694271

Building: Bioscienze
Floor: Livello 4


Patrizio Candeloro is PhD in Physics for Materials Science and M.Sc. in Physics with matter physics orientation. He is currently associate professor at the University "Magna Graecia" of Catanzaro and senior researcher at the BioNEM laboratory of the same University. During his scientific career he developed a solid experience in micro- and nano-fabrication with lithographic techniques, and in the recent years he also moved towards Raman micro-spectroscopy with biomedical applications.
The recent topics of his research activity are: microfabrication of THz spectroscopy devices; application of micro-Raman spectroscopy for biochemical characterization, such as cellomics and nanotoxicology effects; integration of plasmonic nanostructures in microfluidic devices for the development of new concepts in biosensing. In the past he also studied: the effects of nanostructuring on the gas-sensing properties of semiconductor metal oxides; quasi-static magnetic properties and spin-waves behavior in magnetic microstructures. As assistant professor he is in charge for the General Physics 1 and General Physics 2 courses at the Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering degree.

Micro-Raman spectroscopy for cellomics, proteomics, nanotoxicity; micro- and nano-structuring by means of lithographic techniques for SERS applications.

Selected publications

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Book chapters

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