Coluccio Maria Laura

Position: Post-doc, senior

Telephone: 0961 3694271
Mobile: 3494622258

Building: Bioscienze
Floor: Livello 4


Maria Laura Coluccio is PhD in Chemical and of Materials Engineering and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with Environmental orientation. Actually she is a post doc fellow at University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, where she works at Bionem laboratory with a particular interest in the realization of devices for single molecule detection and in micro and nanofabrication for biomedical applications. With the same scientific aims, she was a visiting scientist at Centre for Biomolecular Science of Nottingham University and she worked as post doc researcher in 2010 at Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genova (IT) and From November, 2007, to September, 2008, as researcher at CalMED s.r.l. - Spin off at the University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro. Her previous post-doc fellow was on extraction of actives from biomass by supercritical CO2 and ultrafiltration membranes, principally dealing of the research on extraction processes and of the plant operation at Agro-Food center of �Mediterranea� University of Reggio Calabria (Italy). She was a young researcher in 2005 at university of Pisa (Italy), studying the realization of polymeric devices and nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery.

Studying and fabrication of novel devices with exceptional optical properties based on metallic nano-structures, via the combination of electron beam lithography and chemical electroless deposition; SERS substrates realization for single molecule detection; functionalized surfaces for cancer diagnosis and staging; porous matrices for drug delivery and tissue engineering.

Biomaterials Group - Department of Chemical Engineering Industrial Chemistry and Materials Science (DICCISM), University of Pisa (Italy)

Selected publications:

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M.L. Coluccio, N. Barbani, A. Bianchini, D. Silvestri and R. Mauri, Transport properties of EVAl-starch-a-amylase membranes, Biomacromolecules 6 (2005) 1389-1396.

Book Chapters

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