European project "SECRET" granted

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Energy, water, environment, security and heath are key issues not only for GCC and EU but also for all the mankind and our aim is to address them via the key appropriate technologies, both matured and also emerging. Over the last few years, the very rapid development of electronics and computing has built on previous technological achievements in the field but through the emergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, photonics, e-health, the Internet, WiFi, and mobile communications are gaining more global importance. In order to bring these high-impact and emerging topics to the attention of today’s students it is essential that the teaching and research activities in our Universities be underpinned by the skills and expertise from internationally recognised and active research teams who are pioneering developments in this rapidly changing topical areas.   Europe is a key contributor to the global economy and Gulf with its economic resources but not fully exploited man-powers can play a major role in investing and developing these key emerging technologies. The aim of this proposal is to foster institutional cooperation to develop higher education teaching and learning capacity and to build the management capacity of HEIs in the Gulf countries. The consortium can boast leading universities from each of the 6 associated countries in this Lot as partners, so covering maximum regions from GCC possible. This consortium also covers a wide breadth of geographic regions of EU, both old and new Europe. This consortium considers mixed universities in terms of their intake of students, from the premium public funded university to very proactive private university, which may have widen access and also mixed in terms of their experiences in Erasmus Mundus projects, well experienced in coordinating and participating but also included new members to spread the experiences.