Paper accepted on Scientific reports (Nature publishing group)

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A paper on optofluidics has been published on a journal belonging to the Nature publishing group. Optofluidic microsystems are key components towards lab-on-a-chip devices for manipulation and analysis of biological specimens. In particular, the integration of optical tweezers (OT) in these devices allows stable sample trapping, while making available mechanical, chemical and spectroscopic analyses.At the state-of-the-art, optical traps can be generated inside a microfluidic device either through “standard” OT obtained by tightly focused free-space laser beams or by OT based on counter-propagating beams.Here we show a novel and fully-integrated system relying on miniaturized fibre-based OT that achieves stable 3D-trapping through micro-prisms beam deflectors fabricated by two-photon lithography. We then demonstrate its use for fluorescence and Raman measurements of single cells.The proposed microsystem offers manipulation and analyses capabilities, while guaranteeing high flexibility and cell-safety, and allows to easily add multiple optical traps in Lab on chip miniaturized devices for analysis of biological and chemical samples.