Giuseppina Matarise, former bachelor student at the BioNEM lab, has been awarded of the prize "Cursus Studiorum" as the best student of 2013.
Giuseppina has completed her studies getting the ba

SECRET was granted for 1.27M€ (181k€ for the BioNEM lab). The aim of this proposal is to foster institutional cooperation to develop higher education teaching and learning capacity and to build the manage   >>>

EUROMBR was granted for 3.9 M€. The main objective of EUROMBR is to deliver a trans-European network of industrially oriented specialists fully trained in the development and application of microbioreactor (M   >>>

A paper on optofluidics is published on a journal belonging to the Nature publishing group.   >>>

The paper titled " Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Substrates Trigger the Development of 3D Neuronal Networks " is published on Small. In this paper, it is shown a study about neuron growth on nanop   >>>

BioNEM participates at the conference μTAS 2012. This is an event of international importance in the field of microfluidics and nanotechnology.   >>>

BioNEM wins a poster award  in the category Micro and Nano Technologies for life sciences at the 38th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) 2012, September 19 22, Toulous   >>>

The paper titled "Microfluidic devices modulate tumor cell line susceptibility to NK cell recognition" is published on Small. In this paper, it is shown a study on the interaction between tumor cells   >>>

Grant obtained from the Ministry of Health of 366K€ for a project on HT screening devices   >>>

Grant obtained from the Ministry of Health of 181K€ for a project on nanostructured superhydrophobic surfaces used as sensors.   >>>

A paper titled "A facile in situ microfluidic method for creating multivalent surfaces: toward functional glycomics" has been accepted to be published on the scientific journal "Lab Chip"   >>>

BioNEM published on Nature Photonics and is put on the cover of the Journal. The paper titled "Breaking the diffusion limit with super-hydrophobic delivery of molecules to plasmonic nanofocusing SERS structures   >>>

BioNEM published on Nature Nanotechnology a paper on plasmonic nano-waveguides and gained the cover page of the relative journal issue.   >>>