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The combination of the micromanipulator InjectMan-NI2 with the microinjector FemtoJet (both from Eppendorf GmbH) allows for a fast and reproducible microinjection of adherent cells.
A semi-automatic microinjection procedure is available to make easier the coordination of the micromanipulator movements with the injection action. While the InjectMan-NI2 offers accurate positioning of the microneedles (i.e. micropipette) in the proximity of the target cells, the FemtoJet allows for the injection of small volumes down to the femtoliter scale.
 The system is compatible with the optical microscopes available at the Bionem Laboratory.  

InjectMan NI-2 micromanipulator
Technical Specifications  

Physical Dimensions 12×10×7cm (Y/Z module), 12×6×5cm (X module), 1.4kg for both modules
Motors high resolution step-motors with disc-rotors  
Resolution: about 40nm per microstep  
Range about 20mm in each direction  
Max Speed 7500µm/s  
Mounting Angle Of The Axial Direction 30-60° range with respect to the microscope stage.        

FemtoJet microinjector
Technical Specifications  
Physical Dimensions
22×28×17cm, weight 6.2kg  
Pressure Supply Internal integrated compressor  
Injection Time 0 – 99.9sec with 0.1 increment step  
Injection Pressure 5 – 6000hPa with 1hPa increment step  
Compensation Pressure 5 – 6000hPa with 1hPa increment step  
Cleaning Pressure Max 7000hPa  

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