Mask Aligner

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The Karl Suss Mask Aligner MA 45 is an equipment that allows Photolithography processes. Photolithography is a widely used micro fabrication techinique to selectively remove parts of a thin film (or the bulk of a substrate). It uses light to transfer a geometric pattern from a photomask to a light-sensitive chemical (photoresist, or simply resist) on the substrate.
A series of chemical treatments then engraves the exposure pattern into the material underneath the photoresist. It is used because it affords exact control over the shape and size of the objects it creates, and because it can create patterns over an entire surface simultaneously. It may require extremely clean operating conditions and accordingly it is installed in a clean room.

Technical specifications

Wafer Loading Up to 4 inches 
Dimensions 950 mm W x 760 mm D x 700 mm H
Weight 130 Kg
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase Power Wmax=800W Media
Vacuum < -0.8 bar
Air Pressure 5bar
Exposure Lamp The exposure lamp is a 350 W super pressure mercury short-arc lamp. The spectral lines emitted by the lamp which are of interest here  are those at 436 nm, 405 nm, 365 nm, 335 nm, 313 nm
Interference Filter 60 mm diameter round filter (365 nm)

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