Inductive Coupled Plasma - Reactive Ion Etching

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The ICP DRIE (Inductive Coupled Plasma – Deep Reactive Ion Etching) system allows a highly selective and anisotropic etching of micro and nanostructured materials. The main parts of the ICP DRIE systems are the ICP Head and the process vacuum chamber where the plasma is created by a flow discharge.
The gas lines available are fluorine gas lines (CF4, SF6, CHF3) to perform Silicon etching processes and Clorine gas line (SiCl4) to perform etching of materials like GaAs. The main applications of Silicon Etching Technology by ICP-DRIE System are in manufacturing of microfluidic devices, micromachining and sensor devices. By Bosch process application we can achive a deep etching until 500mm, with anisotropy close to 90 and a nanometric surface roughness.

Technical specifications

Manufacturer STS Surface Technology Systems
Model - Distributor in Italy Gambetti Srl
Material of the process chamber ceramic
Cooling system  Water
RF Power Supply  1kW
RF Power Source 13.56MHz
Chamber capacity 40 litre
Pumping system Leybold MAG900CT turbomolecular pump backed by a Leybold Dryvac 251SP pump
Sample positioning Carousel loadlock configured for 2 x 6inch (150  mm) wafers. Pumping of loadlock by Edwards  E2M40F vacuum pump.     
RF supply The coil is driven with 13.56MHz RF power from an ENI ACG10B 1kW generator. Platen bias control with 13.56MHz, 30-300W selectable, ENI ACG-3B. Balanced feed coil and matching unit.
Sample process conditioning He backside cooling, 0-10T range, set to 9.5T. Bettatech CU500 chiller (50Hz:DI Water: +5 to +40°C range), for platen temperature control.
Gas distribution and control Remote gas box with Tylan 2900 MFCs. Two gasbox – 6 bottles (3 each) (N2 purging and venting ) - Controlled by sensor-plc system (from Meridionale Impianti s.p.a.) 6 gas lines + 2 spare F6, O2, He, Ar, C4F8, CFH3. Bosch process available
Process parameter achievable 500mm depth 100:1 Aspect Ratio 3.5mm/min etching rate Sidewall roughness < 200nm Uniformity across wafer  < 5%
Interfacing and programming PC control of wafer handling and chamber with  process data logging and STS parameter  ramping facilities.

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