Optical Litography Bench

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The “technical high-clean area” is a bench covered by a filtered exhaust-fan made by a material (Korzan) with very low pollution discharge and, because of the extractor fan, processing solvents can be used without inhaling toxic vapours. This area include facilities needed for manage samples for lithography (optical, electron) processes: spinner, hot plates, working area, tweezers kit, filtered nitrogen gun.  

Technical specifications  

Korzan filtered exhaust-fan:  
Dimension (Width,Depht,Height) 150cm, 95cm, 150cm
Aspiration Head-on
Filtering Active carbons trap
Cleaning Class ≤ 1000/m3
Safety Shield Plexiglass, balanced up-down sliding

Max  Rpm Speed 8000 rpm
Max Sample Size 6 inch Φ (150mm)
Vacuum 0,4 bar
Programs 20
Ramping Yes
Safety Interlocks Vacuum on, cover closed
Controller On-board computer, touch screen
Rotation By universal-joint mechanism   

Hot Plate 1 (For Resist Baking):  
Max. Temperature 260°C
Vacuum Contact Yes
Lift-Pins 3, pneumatic
Max Sample Size 6 inch Φ (150mm)
Timer   Yes

Hot Plate 2(For General Purpose): 
Max. Temperature 300°C
Magnetic Stirrer rpm
Max Sample Size 4 inches Φ
Filtered Nitrogen Gun Filtering 0.1 µm
Pressure Range 0-2 bar
Max Spreading 2 mt
Others - Working Area Small working area for samples processing in beakers (developing, cleaning, chemical treatments)
Tweezers 10 different kind of tweezers available for general purpose

Manuals and link

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