Infrared Spectroscopy

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Macro FT-IR absorption spectroscopy  

Possible scanning range 7800-350 cm-1
Resolution < 0.4 cm-1
Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance (HATR) In single reflection with Diamond and Germanium crystals to cover the whole range (50-7500 cm-1) without any cut-off.
MacroFT-IR-grazing 80°      

Micro FT-IR absorption spectroscopy

Spectral-range 650-4000 cm-1
Infrared Objectives 15X and 32X with N.A. 0.58 and N.A. 0.65, respectively
Visible Objectives 10X and 40X
Micro-ATR Ge Tip ATR Crystal Slide-On with Integral Contact Alert On-Axis Optics with Coincident IR and Visible Light Paths. TruView (Continuous View / Sample Operation) to observe the sample even while the measurement
Sample/contact view capability Motorized XYZ sample stage with the possibity of autofocus measurerment FT-IR reflection/transmission 2D/3D point, line, and area mapping
Sampling-accessories Liquid, thin film and Pellets

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