Microscopy (fluorescence, Ph and DI contrast)

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INVERTED MICROSCOPE NIKON MOD. Ti- E It consists of a motorized research microscope with high stability and solidity ' particularly suitable for applications of micromanipulation and imaging . It ensures high accuracy and stability over time of the focus even excludes any change to thermal expansion. Prepared for all methods of observation: bright field and dark phase contrast, differential interference contrast , Hoffman contrast . Ti -E is the ideal base for all imaging studies in cells in -vivo experiments. The unique integrated PFS eliminates any possible drift of the focus in real time during long-term experiments . The internal automatic safety system (laser safety interlock ) protects the operator during observations. The system has the following features :
  • optical path to infinity with optics CFI60 having parafocal distance of 60mm.
  • Motorized Focus comes standard on the instrument, with linear encoder on Z-axis with minimum reading of 0.025 microns. ideal for advanced applications such as 3D reconstruction , confocal and deconvolution processes;
  • Automatic selection of the step of focusing extra fine, fine , macro with refocusing mechanism for escape and protection of the objectives.
  • Device lock focus and torque adjustment , support table on four points for greater stability, internal potentiometer with switchable external power supply to complete electrical isolation of the instrument.
  • Equipped with 5 outputs with motorized selection of the optical path , right, left , front , ocular and rear (optional) , configurable with different prisms, the standard composition comprises : 100 % visual , 100% exit left , exit right 100% , or 20 % / 80 % visual / exit left . and 100 % rear .
  • Front door configurable with C or SRL and side photo / CCTV with light distribution 80/20 or 100 % on each output , configurable choice;
  • Optical path sealed against fluid spills .
  • Possibility of 1x or 1.5x magnification on all outputs .
  • Structure extensible through integrated modules which allow a useful space under the nosepiece up to 80mm for eventual insertion of laser modules or other devices.
  • Ability to power via HUB controller all the functions of the microscope, As well as focus and selection of motorized optical path already set . Optional engines manageable : nosepiece , condenser universal analyzer DIC, shutter , fluorescence filter cubes , barrier filter wheel , excitation filter wheel , lighting, exposure chamber , motorized stage .
  • The microscope is equipped with a series of commands with backlit buttons ergonomically positioned, for the management of all the main functions of the motorized microscope filters, objectives , target escape , fire, micro / macro, lighting on / off and adjust , activation PFS ( Perfect Focus) and offset storage .
  • All functions are also displayed on the display of the external controller.
    • Size 260x476x725 mm . Weight 40 kg .

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