Electron Beam Litography

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Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) is one of the main steps for the fabrication of nano-devices realized in “BioNEM” laboratories. This system consents to draw high-resolution patterns onto sensitive polymer-films (called electron resist), that define the shapes of the subsequent nano-structrures.
Because of its distinctive features, large area high resolution patterns can be written: the working stage can hosts samples of maximum dimensions of 6 inches (150mm) diameter and the best resolution obtained in our site is a pattern containing structures of minimum size of 8-10 nm (width, diameter). Moreover, thanks to a very high stitching accuracy, large areas continuous patterns can be written (i.e. patterns for microfluidic applications, zone plates, etc.)    

Technical Specifications

Gun/Acceleration Voltage TFE( ZrO/W ) / 5-50kV
Beam Size 2 nm – 10 nm
Scanning Method Vector scan(X,Y), Vector scan(r,theta)
Raster Scan, Spot Scan Field size modulation, Axial symmetrical pattern, RAM DAC digital spot writing, 3D writing method
Field Size 30x30µm, 60x60µm, 120x120µm, 300x300µm, 600x600µm, 1200x1200µm
Pixel 20,000x20,000dot - 60,000x60,000dot @vector scan 240,000x240,000dot @vector scan 4,000x4,000dot - 4,000x4,000dot,10,000x10,000dot@raster scan
Min. Address Size 10nm@600x600µm field, 2nm@120x120µm field 0.0012nm@500ux500µm field
Scan Rate/Resolution Vector scan (Analog): 0.05-300µS/0.01 µs Vector scan (Digital): 0.2-300µS /0.1 µs Raster scan: 0.3-300µS/0.1µs
Wafer (Sample) Size 6 inch Φ (150mm)
Stitching Accuracy 50nm(3sigma)@500x500µm field 20nm(2sigma)@50x50µm field
Overlay Accuracy 50nm(3sigma)@500x500µm field 20nm(2sigma)@50x50µm field
CAD Software Original CAD, GDS2 conversion, DXF conversion OS, Windows XP.

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