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Vacuum drying ovens
The vacuum dry ovens have a volume of 50 liters, can reach a temperature of 200°C with a precision in the range 1.5°C-4°C according with the operating temperature, and a vacuum of 0.01 hPA.

Contact angle meter
It allows to measure the contact angle of a drop of liquid on top of a flat surface. This gives information on the wettability (surface energy) of a specific substrate. This Instrument can: -  measure contact angles easy and fast; - allows fast and precise dosing and sample positioning; -allows data managment for surface energy evaluations.

Optical Microscopes
Optical microscopes are used for quick analysis on the samples during all the processes. It equipped by 5 magnification objectives ( from 5x – 10x – 20x – 50x 100x ).    

Ultrasonic Welder
Ultrasonic welder ( commonly called BONDER ) allow to bond conductive microstructures by an Al/Si wire ( 25 µm Φ ) by means of ultrasound technology applied on the tip where the wire is connected. This facility is useful for combined application of microelectronics and microfluidics.

Diamond scriber                               
Diamond scriber is used to cut silicon and glass samples. A diamond tip, held by a holder connected to a pneumatic circuit, scroll on a sliding stage where the sample is locked, grooving the surface. In this way, because of physical characteristics of the silicon, a cut can be occour. The minimum dimension of the sample scraps is 10µm2. The system works both manually and  automatically.  

and electronics      

Mechanic and electronic tools are available for each field of  quick maintenance around the laboratories and also for realizations of small electronics devices for upgrading the instrumentations.  

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