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The lyophilizer allows freeze-drying of solid and liquid products in ampoules, vials, flasks, glass bottles or plates. All operations necessary for the lyophilization are implemented in a single stage and in the same equipment:
- freezing of the product; 
- freeze-drying (sublimation) of the products with the limits of temperature and pressure defined by the operator;
- final drying of the products with limits of temperature defined by the operator and high final vacuum to remove water linked at the capillary and molecular level.

The freeze dryer is suitable for drying for example cultures of bacteria and viruses, blood plasma, fractions of serum, antibodies, serums, vaccines, and pharmaceutical products such as chloramphenicol, streptomycin, vitamins, enzymes, and also extracts of plants for biochemical tests.


Ice condenser capacity:  max.  4 kg;  
Ice condenser performance: max. 4 kg/24 h;  
Ice condenser temperature: approx. -85°C;  
Shelf temperature when pre-freezing inside the ice condenser chamber: approx. -50°C;
Max. shelf surface area when drying outside the ice condenser chamber: 5 shelves, ø 360 mm, ^= 0.5 m2;  
Max. shelf surface area when drying in injection vials  with stoppering under vacuum or nitrogen atmosphere: 4 shelves, ø 250 mm, ^= 0.18 m2;
Drying in round bottom flasks:  max. 24 pieces;    
Dimensions of base unit : width: 390 mm, height: 415 mm, depth: 555 mm;
Weight: approx. 65 kg;    
Electrical connection : 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz;

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