Water Purification System

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The Direct-Q 5 tap-fed water purification system is designed for scientists who need 5 to 15 L of ultrapure water per day and do not have easy access to acceptable quality pre-treated water. This compact, silent system produces up to 0.6 L/min of ultrapure (Type I) water on demand, directly from potable tap water. Direct-Q system performance characteristics are automatically monitored by pressure, temperature and resistivity sensors, and are clearly shown on the system's display, which also indicates when routine maintenance should be performed. The system is Compliant with Regulatory Standards.    

Direct Q-5 System with RO pump, tap-feed, 230 V/50 Hz  
Trade Name Direct Q  
Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Cartridge Used Progard, Quantum, Millipak
Water Quality Type
Product Water Toc, ppb < 30
Particulates 0.22µm sterilizing filter
Height, cm 45.7 (18)
Feed Water Nature Tap water
Microorganisms, cfu/mL < 1
Operating Weight, kg (lb) 29.5 (65.0)
TOC, ppb < 30 Width, cm (in) 25.5 (10)
Flow Rate, L/h Up to 5
Product Water Resistivity, MW•cm (@ 25°C) 18,2
Depth, cm (in) 50 (20)
Flow Rate, L/min Up to 0.6
Product Use Procedures ultrapure water from tap-feed in one compact system
Applications Culture Media, Buffers, Blanks or Standard Solutions

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