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This Sputtering Coater allows the deposition of metals upon micro/nano sized specimen, in the shape of thin films. There are three magnetron target assemblies in the K650X, positioned to give coating over a large diameter which, together with a rotating sample table, ensures even depositions. This method allows standard targets to be utilised, and avoids the necessity of special large profiled targets. This triple sputter target system is particularly useful in the Semiconductor Wafer Industry.
The magnetron target assemblies employed on this system enhance the efficiency of the process using low voltages, and giving a fine grain, cool sputtering, without the need to cool the target or the specimen stage. The Instrument is fitted with three 60mm diameter and 0.1mm thick gold, silver and customer choice, quick change targets, giving optimum consumable cost performance. The integrated instrument panel and plug-in electronics, maximise 'up-time' and, with user friendly designs, ensure satisfactory multi-user discipline. The sputtering parameters can be pre-set, including the gas bleed needle valve which has electromagnetic valve back-up which, together with automatic control, gives defined and repeatable film thickness depositions. The sputtering head is interlocked, and the system can easily accommodate the K250 Carbon Coating Attachment. The independent vacuum pump is controlled by the instrument throughout the fully automatic coating cycle.  

Features & Benefits   

Triple target sputtering system Fully Automatic Control Low Voltage Sputtering High Resolution Fine Coating (Order of 2nm Gold Grain) Special Rotating Stage with full Tilt Facility fitted as standard Even Thickness Deposition (Typically 20nm or 200 Angstroms for SEM work) 225mm Diameter (6 inches) Chamber Can be integrated with Film Thickness Monitor Ideal for large samples such as silicon wafers Easy to operate No cooling required Precise Reproducible Coatings Fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens Repeatable film thickness depositions. Easy loading and unloading of large samples – up to 6” wafers Can pre-set deposition thickness  

Technical specifications

Instrument Case 450mm W x 350mm D x 175mm H
Work Chamber Borosilicate Glass 225mm Dia x 125mm H Plus base 110mm Dia x 115mm H
Safety Shield Polycarbonate Weight 24Kg
Target Three x 60mm Dia x 0.1mm Thick Rotating 155mm Dia.
Specimen Stage Height spacing to target 40 to 50mm
Vacuum Gauge Range ATM - 1x10-2 mbar
Deposition Range 0-100mA | Deposition Rate 0-20nm/Minute Sputter
Timer 0-4 minutes
Services Argon - Nominal 4 psi
Vacuum Pump Pump No. 10 10m3/Hr complete with vacuum hose and Oil Mist Filter
Electrical Supply 230 Volts 50Hz (8 amp Max. Including Pump) –  115 Volts 60Hz

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