Scanning Electron Microscopy - Focused Ion Beam

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The Nova NanoLab brings new capabilities and flexibility to researchers and developers needing to create, modify, and characterize complex structures below 100nanometers. It combines ultra-high resolution field emission scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and precise focused ion beam (FIB) etch and deposition to complement the existing Nanotechnology laboratory tools and extend the applications range for nanoscale prototyping, machining, 2D and 3D-characterization, and analysis.
Setting the Nova NanoLab apart from other lab systems are its integrated 3D-characterization, nano-machining and nano-analysis capabilities. The Nova NanoLab is designed to be just that: a complete nanotechnology laboratory in one tool.  


Electron Optics   High-resolution Field Emission-SEM column, with monopole magnetic immersion final lens, Schottky thermal field emitter, 60 degree objective lens geometry and heated objective apertures. Source lifetime 12 months guaranteed
Resolution @ optimum WD 1.1 nm @ 15 kV (TLD-SE)   2.5 nm @ 1 kV (TLD-SE)   3.5 nm @ 500V TLD-SE    5.5 nm @ 500 V TLD-BSE
Resolution @ beam coincidence point 1.0 nm @ 30 kV STEM   1.5 nm @ 15 kV (TLD-SE)   2.0 nm @ 5 kV (TLD-SE)
Max. Horizontal field width 3.0 mm at beam coincidence point(corresponds to 35x minimummagnification in quad view)
Accelerating voltage 200 V – 30 kV
Probe current <= 20 nA in 21 steps
Detectors In-lens SE detector (TLD-SE)   In-lens BSE detector (TLD-BSE)
Ion Optics Magnum™ ion column with Ga liquid metal ion source
Source lifetime 1500 hours guaranteed
Resolution 7 nm (5 nm achievable)
Max. Horizontal field width 400 um at 30 kV and beams coincidence point (corresponds to50x minimum magnification in quad view)
Accelerating voltage 5 – 30 kV
Probe current 1 pA – 20 nA in 15 steps Beam blanker standard – external control possible 15 position aperture st
Digital image processor
Dwell 50 ns - 1 ms 11 presets + photo + snapshot Up to 3584 x 3094 pixel resolution File type: TIFF (8 or 16 bit), BMP or JPEG Single frame or 4-quadrant imagedisplay 4 quadrants live 256 frame average or integration
Digital pattern generator
Resolution 4 k x 4 k
Addressable 1 M pixels
Min. Dwell 100 ns | Max. Dwell 4 ms
Gas chemistry “Zero-collision” GIS design concept, with 3 gas injectors for enhanced etch or deposition. Gas chemistry: Platinum metal deposition, Enhanced metal etch (Iodine), Insulator Enhanced etch (XeF2).
5-Axis Motorized Stage Eucentric goniometer stage X = 150 mm, Y = 150 mm, Z = 10 mm
Clearance max. 55 mm to eucentric point T -10°to + 60° R n x 360°
Minimum Step 100 nm
Repeatability @ 0°Tilt 1 µm R| epeatability @ 52°Tilt 2 µm

X-ray Micro Analysis with external EDAX System  is also available (

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