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The Dektak® 6M Surface Profiler from Veeco delivers a unique combination of precise measurements, ease of use, and simplicity of design–all in a compact, economical package. It brings together field-proven reliability and performance with the latest advances in stylus profiler technology.
With 7.5 angstrom, 1s step height repeatability, the Dektak 6M provides the flexibility to perform precise step height measurements for thin films down to less than 100 angstroms, as well as thick-film measurements up to several hundred microns thick.1 At the heart of the system is the Low Inertia Sensor 3 (LIS 3), an innovative head that incorporates key technology advances to deliver extremely repeatable measurements with unprecedented sensitivity and vastly increased flexibility.
 Surface texture measurements of very smooth surfaces (Ra less than 10 angstroms) are possible, as well as very rough surfaces (several hundred microns of roughness). Programmable cut-off filters to filter out waviness or curvature are also included.  

Technical specifications

System   Measurement Technique Stylus profilometry
Measurement Capability  Two-dimensional surface profile measurements
Sample Viewing Fixed magnification, 2.6 mm FOV; optional  zoom, variable 0.86 to 6 mm, 0.43 to 3mm Stylus Sensor Low Inertia Sensor (LIS 3)
Stylus Force 1 to 15 mg with LIS 3 sensor; 0.03 to 15 mg with N-Lite sensor option
Stylus Option Stylus radius options from 0.2 to 25μm – High Aspect Ratio (HAR) tips 10μm x 2μm and 200μm x 20μm
Sample Stage Manual 150mm (6 in.) X/Y/q, 25 x 100 X/Y translation, 360° rotation; manual leveling Computer System PC with Celeron® processor (optional Pentium®);  optional 430 mm (17 in.) flat  panel display
Software Dektak software running under Microsoft Windows XP®; optional Stress Measurement software; optional cantilever deflection
Vibration Isolation Optional vibration isolation table – Optional  table-top vibration isolation system Performances Scan Length Range 30mm (1.2 in.)
Data Points Per Scan  60,000 maximum
Max. Sample Thickness 25.4mm (1in.)
Max. Wafer Size 150mm (6 in.)
Step Height Repeatability1  7.5 Å, 1s on 1μm step
Vertical Range 262μm (0.010 in.) standard; 1mm (0.039 in.) optional
Vertical Resolution 1Å max. (@ 6.55μm range)
Environment Temperature Range Between 15 and 30°C (59 to 86°F)
Humidity Range < 80%, non-condensing
Dimensions 413mm W x 554mm D x 460mm H (16.3 in. W x 21.8 in. D x 18.1 in. H)
Weight 15.9kg (35 lbs)
Power Requirements Input Voltage 100–120 VAC/200–240VAC, 50–60 Hz

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